92 d15b7 not starting after swap pls help

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So about a week ago I threw a rod thru the side of my d16z6 and I picked up a d15b7 b/c this is just my winter car....but now after I have the engine in it wont start...

It cranks over, and it has spark, it even fires a little bit every once in a while, but it will not start up.

I havent looked at the timing yet but I was told that when the engine was pulled it was running, so I dont know how the timing could be that f'd up.

also its in a crx with a obd0 to obd1 conversion that was working just fine on the d16z6...Is there anything im missing to swap from the d16 to d15?

any ideas any1? thanks in advance.
So I beeped out my dizzy wires to the ecu and they are all good, I guess I'm not getting any spark, and I have no idea how it fired before.... my check engine light stays on when I turn the ignition to the on position when it should turn off after about 2 seconds, what does this mean? also when i connect the 2 wires to check my codes it doesnt blink, just stays on....Sum1 please help!
I got it started last night, had the worng connector on the IACV and it was causing it to not spark...Anyway now it starts and runs fine but idles really low and when I rev it to around 1500 rpms it starts surging fast til i let off or give it more gas...I was able to check the codes and its throwing a 21 - vtec....I dont have vtec on this engine so why is it throwing this code?
I just checked that out a little bit ago....I THOUGHT i was using a p06 ecu, but when i looked it was actually a p28... Im thinking this might be the problem since p06 is non vtec and p28 is.... I jus ordered a p06 off ebay so we will see.