92 EG w/ 2nd gen B16.....AEM v2??

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Ok I've been search like 3-4 forums and I'm having no luck <_< .

I know that when you look for an CAI you get it for the CAR and modify if you have too.

Now I would like to get a USED AEM v2 intake for my hybrid b16 EG.

I just don't know which model car I should get to that I have the least trouble in making it fit.

Should I get a D16 one?? Or a non-VTEC Integra one?? 99-00 Si one??

There a guy in my area with a Type-R hybrid Del Sol running a V2 intake on it, just don't know which one it is. Thanks for any help :worthy:


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Originally posted by eXcelonTypeR@Jun 16 2005, 12:04 PM
Would that include the V2 as well???
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