92 hatch w/ H22

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Wassup ya'll just wondering if anyone out there with an h22 in a hatch has had any problems with the ride? Is the car supposed to ride rough or what? I purchased Avid axles for h22 into civic but i didnt know they go into an accord intermediate. So i put the passenger side in cause it fit and the driver side right now has a 95 integra axle. so i guess i need to get the accord intermediate so i can the other custom axle for the drivers side. But im not sure if thats why its shaking when the car accelerates. Well i havent had my car back for that long so hopefully there arent any other problems, i read something about an autotensioner though. Anyone know anything about that? Well any info would be great. I just registered to this forum to find some peepz that did the same swap for some help. im sure you guys probably already know the common problems with H22's in hatch's..... ill keep in touch guys... ANYONE WIT A H22 HATCH HOLLA AT ME