92 prelude will be done this week!!!!!

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ok, so its been a month or two since i have had my car. after lots of trouble finding an engine and a few other shipping issues. its all most done!!!! i had a h22 jdm put in. new d/s rotors. chipped ecu "hondata". plus all the bolt on's intake,headers,exhaust. next will be turbo 6psi. and lsd tranny. i will post pics of the swap when i get her on the road.....:D
Hey grats on your car. I have one question though, when you did your JDM H22A swap, was there any altercations you needed to do or did the engine just fall right in with the stock harness? I'm planning to do basically what you have done already but I'm trying to get as much info as I can before I start. And second thing, where did you get your H22A, and how much did you pay in total with shipping and everything?

Thanks in advance. :D
yes changed the axels...... and the wiring harrness had to be modified because jdm cars stearing wheels are on the left side and ours are on the right. so is all the wiring.;)
it should come with the wireing harrness. and every thing to do the swap. mine came with axels and wiring harrness and everything. its kind of a pain in the ass if you have never done it befoe. i would suggest going to a performance shop and having them do the swap. most of those guys have done the jdm swaps so many times its alot easier for them to do. but hit me up and let me know.