92 Prelude

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Did Honda make a 1992 Prelude that had a h22a dohc 2.2L v-tec engine? Because I was looking at a website that didn't have this engine listed, did this engine only come out in 1993?
Come on someone here must know. I even did a search and I got different answers, one site said they only came out with that engine in 93, but then another site said 92.
Originally posted by 92b16vx@Jun 26 2005, 07:36 PM
In Japan they came out in 92 will 91.9.
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Oh yeah by the way....good one bud! :lol: just great.
So in 1992 the JDM market had a h22a 2.2L v-tec but the USDM did not have that engine until 1993? Is that correct? I just called a Honda dealership and they did not have a 92 with that engine in it, but they also didn't have access to the JDM specs. Can someone clarify this for me. Thanks


In 93 VTEC was available, but it wasnt really available...ya know.

What specs are you looking for...i know some people around hear would be able to help ya out.