93 civeic del sol SI

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My brother has an SI but i noticed the other day that it smoked and it has been going through coolant too quickly. it has decent performance but it has trouble starting up when its hot but not when its cold. it hasn overheated yet. the only thing is that whit smoke is emmited from the exhaust during shifting or mild acceleration. we are going to change the head gasket because thats waht i think is wrong. oil also looksa bit watered down even though it is 10w40 which i know is too thick but thats waht my brother uses. so what do you guys think it could be? and would changing the head gasket be too hard to do in the drive way? or could the motor be toast? it doesnt go thru oil but i havnt run a compression test on it yet. waht would you guys reccomend me and my brother do before we tear into it? would it be cheaper getting another used engine or rebuilding the one he has if it comes down to that? thanks and sorry if i was a little too vague.
thank jesus! i told that he might need a new motor and he about freaked! he is only 16 and he has no job. how tuough are these little honda engines? and what gasket shoud i get for it? stock one? thanks again.
and while we are in there what else should we get that will need replacing? any other gaskets?
while your at it i would get a new water pump and timing belt. and get the gasket, pump and belt all from a honda dealer
alright that is going on my list. and waht about the head bolts can i reuse those? on some of the toyota engines i rebuilt they are one time use and then i need new ones.
well i mean you can, but really its 50/50 you might want to get new ones if yours look messed up at all.
but to answer your other question it would be cheaper to just buy another motor than to rebuild, you will pay 500-700 bucks for a sohc motor
might as well why do it half arsed! alright i think im good now. im going to get headgasket water pump with the gasket and timing belt and headbolts. that should keep me busy for spring break.
okay if it comes down to that i will get a new motor. waht should my compression be in each cylinder when hot?cold? 150-170psi?
great! i think we havea chilton or hayes manual around here for it iwill look into it as well. thanks a lot dude!
Just go to Autozone they have the hayes in stock, will tell ya the bolt TQ's ect or look on here! takes like 2 hours to rebuild if ya kno what ya are doing :)
I think your head is fucked if your going to do allthat buy a new head there like150.00 referbised . you vales are bent most likely and that would cuz it to run like shit.