93 Civic Coupe - B20 Or H22?

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I got a 93 Civic Coupe that I want to make into a reliable daily driver with some get-up and scoot ability. Its an automatic and for some strange reason (namely bad traffic commute/ gf who cant drive stick/ and yes you may laugh) I want to keep it as an automatic. I am looking at the B20Z and H22A as possible candidates for the swap. My biggest concern is the automatic transmission, ie what should I use; accord transmission for the H22; CRV transmission for the B20Z? A good friend who is a mechanic suggested getting the motor and the transmission from the same car if possible. If so, which AT/Engine combo will fit under the hood? Anyone tried this yet? Thanks.



before i go into the real how to- why don't you teach the woman how to freakin drive??? :bash: not knowing how to drive stick is grounds for divorve in my book :p
you will loose a shit load of power, have crappier acceleration, and crappier gas mileage, not to mention everyone laughing at you if/when you show your car or attempt to take it to the track.

with any b-series motor - the b20, the gsr, the ls, the b16a sir2, you can use an LS integra automatic. the crv wont work, as its 4wd.

i don't recommend the h-series. its a hard swap, will suck ass as an automatic, and will eat some of your handeling. but, for the record, you can use an h23 automatic or an f22/f23 automatic from an accord


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:werd: Dont use the f22/f23 tranny combo with the h22. Those transmissions are shitty. Your best bet is h22/or h23 auto trans.. if your so stuck on a auto :rolleyes: