93 civic coupe swap question

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Will a 1990 Acura Legend engine ( 2.7 L, V6, 5 Speed) fit in a 93 civic coupe, has anyone done this before?
you could put a 350 small block in a honda if you wanted to but it would not be a good idea IMO.....I dont think that this swap has been done before but I dont know...What is the power range on one of them? I dont think it is even that good for a v6.
162 HP, 165 Torque........It is kinda low for a V6 but how much work is it to pull this off, I'm sure it would'nt take much to get this motor to get up and move and think about the size and weight difference between a 90 Acura Legend and a 93 Civic
Please don't waste your money man.
I've never seen it done, but there is a reason for that ;)
If you want good numbers go for the h22 or a K20
k20= :ph34r:
H22 or K20 I agree. K20 beats it in terms of power, and I think the torque is close. I've seen that 2.7L that you're talking about in acura's in the junkyard, it's a VERY big motor compared to these 4 bangers.plus you might have a problem with the height, I'm not sure. YOu might end up having to cut out a giant hole in the left side of your hood and making a massive, stupid looking cowl for it. Plus that 2.7L motor/trans is gonna weigh a few hundred pounds more than your stock four, and you'd have to figure out how to put a much stronger suspension in there to accomodate the weight, and even then you'd still probably have one incredibly nose-heavy car for having all that weight in front. And these coupes are already nose heavy due to the lack of weight in the rear. And, adding a few hundred pounds to a featherweight civic, is going to make it so heavy that that 160 hp/tq won't even be fully realized man. Stick with the fours.

Like the one guy said, you could put a chevy 350 in there if you really wanted to, but for the lack of real power with this V6 motor, not to mention I don't see too many aftermarket parts for it, it really wouldn't be a good idea. Hell right off the bat the H22A is stronger, so why do it? Just go H22 or K20 dude. I've got a stock B16 in mine and it get's the job done, plus the sky's the limit as far as bolt ons.