93 Civic Hb

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man why didn't you try selling this thing last spring when i was down in flordia?

Bump for a low milage 5th gen for a decent price.


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Werd, this guy over here just sold his 1992 Civic HB for 8k with an OBX muffler Cutom Paint (piss yellow), Body Kit, and short shifter. So I'm hopin to get sumthin for it.
Also, this guy is selling a rolling chassis which has a salvage title, can you insure those?
not sure if you can insure that although i believe you can...just read a post by ahedau about new laws and he states the he's in the insurance field...maybe he can answer that question for you.....


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A car with a salvage title can be re certified for road use once you rebuild it and replace all the safty stuff. Not sure who you to, to recive a rebuilt title but i know that you can.


I'm just about that action Boss.
Yeah you have to have all paper's for every part and what not and in WA it has to go through state inspection. All vin's usually ahve to match, etc.