93 Civic Si

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Hey whats up everyone? I have a question, and anyone is free to give suggestions.. I have a 93 Civic SI, and the piston rings are going on it..some guy quoted me 1500 bucks to repair all parts need. I was wondering if im paying that much to rebuild my SI engine...I might as well get an upgrade on the engine..maybe swap to something that has more power than the SI motor...Im not a true all out racer.. but i like to have some power in my step... I have been reading some of the fourms... and i hear the LS is the best engine for a cheap price..Do u guys mean the Acura Integra LS engine???? Anyways i have a spending limit of 2G's.. whats the best engine i could swap into this Civic..Im not sure if im gonna turbo this car,maybe if i get the right engine i just might...Thanx in advance. JAZZY19


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if going turbo go ls, but if you just want power for now I would go to like a b16, and you could probably still get a couple mods on either one for 2G. b16a1's are usually abour 1200 or so where every you find it but then you need a hydro tranny and then you would have probably like 400-600 to do some mods like clutch or something of that kind. my .02 cents


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Go with the LS motor. Yes its from the Integra LS. Its has the almost the same hp as your si motor but a lot more torque. The B16 is a good motor but lacks torque. So I say go with the LS, plus if you end up boostin that's a good motor to go with. That's just my 3cents


the b16a that works for your car costs over 2 g's. putting a b16a sir1 into your car, although much cheaper for the swap, will cost just the same once everything works. and did i mention the fucking migraine it is to do this?

if you have a 2 G budget, the Ls is for you. don't pay more than 1500 for an obd1 swap (94-95). thats what you want. it will bolt right in as long as you get everything included- no headaches. only modifaction necessary is the exahust will need to be "turned". d-series bolts are at 2 and 8, integras are at 10 and 5