93 Civic Vx Hb Swap 99 Type R Motor

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i have a 93 civic vx hb im swapping in a 98 and up typr motor jdm
what will i need to do for wiring and what ecu I should use
i will probably buy a obd 1 gsr ecu reprom for type r
any help will be great
to make this swap easier, i'd run an obd1 chipped p28 or obd1 gsr ecu. its ideal to get a vafc to tune the motor properly...so id' get a vafc also.

now, as far as the wiring, i'd use the vx harness, which will only create one problem...and thats changing the o2 sensor from 5-wire to 4 wire. i've never done this, and i'm not positive the 93 vx's utilize a 5 wire o2 sensor but they might, so check for that. now, i know with the 92vx's they do have 5-wires...so i'm assuming honda remained consistent with this.

if you go with a p28, you don't need to run a wire to the knock sensor, because the p28 doesn't look for the knock sensor.

if you run a gsr ecu or p30 or p61 you'll need to add a wire for the knock sensor, or get it chipped.

you'll also need an obd1 distributor, and any vtec b-series distributor will work.

i think thats it, i can't really think of anything else.

good luck, take some pictures of the swap and let us know how things turn out, a type r bottom end is going into my car soon.