93 Coupe Disc Conversion & Auto to Manual Conv.


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What's up guys? just wondering what parts are need to do:

DISC Conversion:


AT to MT conversion:

Thanks guys, appreciate it!



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I have a few things you will need for the tranny swap.

DX 5sp. P20 tranny no grinds
Shifting linkage
slave cylinder
clutch disc
pressure plate

Wanting $150+shipping.

Rest of the parts you will need:

hydraulic lines
pedal assembly
clutch resevoir

Let me know if you are interested in my stuff


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to do the disc swap:
rear trailing arms from an EX Civic (or 94-97 Acura Integra rear trailing arms)
master cylinder and booster
possibly the E-brake cables and rear soft brake lines
you may also want new bushings as well.