93 Cx A/c Removal & Fuel / Other Lines. Engine Rem

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I know there are a few threads that talk about removing the A/C lines and all. I was outside working on pulling the Cx motor once again. In a short time I got the radiator out, splash guard, bumper off, intake box (bumper has to come off to get this), and that's about it :p

Now there are just a bunch of hoses left and yep pics for you guys to tell me what I am suppose to do :thumbup:

If you guys can tell me using the pics how exactly I cna drain the freon for the A/C that would be great. I guess I should of took it to Jiffy Lube before I removed the axles, shift linkage, and everything else. Now I guess I've got to do it the ghetto way. Is there anyway I can get around drainging the freon and just leave the A/C intact to the motor? I'm thinking not since I have to disconnect the lines to remove the engine.


I have the hoses #'ed so you guys can easily tell me which ones I need to mess with or not:



What are those 2 steel lines behind the battery tray? Looked like they are connected to the A/C. Can these be removed?


Any idea what hose this is coming out the firewall? It's just hanging there. Could be something my brother disconnected that other week when he disconnected the engine harnesses while I was at Sears grabbing a 32mm socket :crook:


Looking at the passengers side intake manifold. Can someone give me some info on which ones I will need to loosen to release the fuel pressure?


A look at the drivers side. Again what hoses should I disconnect here:


Another shot a little backed out showing the fuel rail:


Just need to get the necessary lines / hoses seperated so I can pull this motor.
Not going to be using A/C with the GSR so all lines can go!



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#3 is your slave cyclinder line. loosen the 2 bolts from the tranny if you wanna remove this. it can be used on a b series tranny.


you can leave those connected to the compressor if you dont wanna drain your system. ive heard of people letting them hang over the bumper while they do the swap.


yea those are for the ac. if you disconnect them you will drain the system.


i think that is a drain tube for the core.


its the nut on top of the fuel filter that relieves the pressure.

there are too many hoses to list. you should be able to tell which ones need to be removed to pull the motor.