93 Hb Swaps?

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Junior Member
HI, i own a 93 civic hb. it doesn't have an engine or transmission in it. I'm lookin to put a better engine in it anyways so i was wanderin which is the best for my hb. I'm thinkin about doin either a b18b swap or a h22a swap. i'm planning on turboin' either one later. I got a few questions on space too. I know the h22a motor is big and if i turbo it too, will i have to lose a/c and p/s? Another thing is that i know what i need to get in terms of the engine, trans, shift link, but i'm iffy on the OBD stuff and ecu and which axels to get. I heard that it is good to get better axles if i do a h22a swap in the hb. Any help u guys can give me will be appreciated. I'll think of anythin else i might have problems wit.... thanks, danny
ok here goes i dont recommend the h22 swap it sux to drive daily.(my opinion. if you are going to turbo it iwould use a gsr . gsr complete conversion 3500.00 500 labor if you want us to install it. turbo kits 2000.00 and up.