93 honda civic ex coupe questions

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ok i have eg coupe with a d16z6 in it and i have a few ?'s lets start off by asking is it vtec? i searched some said yes and others said no and i was informed that it does have a vtec solenoid but the head doesnt look vtec and if it is at what rpm's does it kick in? also my srs light stays on previous owner did have a light accident so i figuered that could be the cause but suggestions will be appreciated. also my cluster lights dont come on is there a thread on here that can help me fix this if so link it on this thread for me i will highly appreciate it.I have some lowering springs that were going on my 94 accord but i sold it i was wondering since their just springs not coilovers can i slap em on my eg i know there's a weight diffrence so i doubt im able too but would rather hear others opinions before i sell em and get stuck with the option of buying new ones or $800 dollar coilovers.last question i still have my rex's air intake can it fit looks like it can my car doesnt have the oem i.m so can i do it?
If the motor is a Z6, then it is vtec. If it doesn't engage, look for CEL's and check to see which ECU is in there.

Check your fuses for the lights. Could be a bad connection somewhere, too.

IIRC, you can't use the springs.

Punctuation would be great in your future posts. It's not easy to read when it is jumbled together like that.
vtec does kick in i just didnt floor it wen i do it kicks in like a mofo