93 Sir2-s Turbo

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heres my cars guys im wondering what you guys thing this picture was taken before i installed my turbo kit but after i mounted my intercooler so, i ended up making a whole turbo kit for about 1700 bucks, including everything (FMU, turbo (16G), custom piping, custom manifold, EGT gauge, boost gauge, turbo timer, spearco intercooler, boost contoler, injectors, oil lines, taped pan, all bolts, Max flow filter) i ran it on the streets never on the track, my next step is to put a LS block, so i dont have to worry about controling vtec. right now it has a b16a sir2. since i cant figure out how to put up a pic you can hit me up on AIM (aol instant messanger) my sn is JDMCivicSir2. ill send you pics or if anyone has questions about my car. and also im going to sell the car after i finish my LS swap, in about a month. and yes the car is full JDM, from the engine to the frame, and of course its right hand drive. i also have alot of parts for EGs rear disc brakes, shocks, a b16 hydo tranny, a b16 cable tranny, 2 b16 heads, b16 short block, Cam gears, alternator pulley, jasma exhaust, civic passanger seat, rear camber kit for an EG. and other stuff.
what intercooler did you use????

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