94-95 accord or 96-97 accord?


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im geting a new car soon and i want an accord but i dont know what year to get im thinkin a 97 accord 2 door ex. i plan to do a h22 swap. i also wana do a lex. IS300 trunk converson which would take out the 2 lights on the trunk of the 97 accord but the 95 accord doesnt have the lights. can i buy a 94 or 95 accord trunk and fit it on my 97 accord??????

im also sellin my 94 accord 4 door in colorado if any one is interested tell me


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Either car is fine for an H22. Many people would prefer to be OBD 1(90-95 Accords). In 96, US models went to OBD2. It doesn't really matter very much except for programming the ECU. Just do yourself a favor and get an engine that is the right OBD for your car. 94-95 Accord=JDM 92-96 H22
96+ Accord=97+ H22
US 96 prelude is also OBD2 I believe, the the JDM stayed OBD1 through 96.

As for the taillights, I doubt the trunks line up. Close wouldn't be good enough.