94 Civic Dx

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ok this sucks. i have to sell my car. i lost my liscence so i dont need my car. it is a black 94 civic dx. the body is stock and in good shape. only minor scratches in the paint. i have a r1 black wing. matrix coilovers, honda prelude rims with new cooper cobras. i have clear corners and clear taillights. i have a zero1 racing cai, it has a aftermarket 4'' tach. and finally a flowmaster exhaust with ractive tip.
it is a 5speed d15 with 153xxx miles.
good interior

i am not listing it for sale on the net, i just wanted to know what would you pay. remember i live in a small town in kentucky so its not like orlando where 92-95 civics are everywhere. they are actually rare here.
the average price for stock civics on around here is 4250 give or take.

i owe 3000 on it so it cant be lower than that.

i really hate to get rid of my baby though


I'm just about that action Boss.
3500+ or so I would say because of your area. THe parts you listed are seemingly inexpensive and only some people might appreciate them. Try kbb.com

my .02 cents


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Since I live in Orlando, my opinion won't account for as much but I'm gonna throw it in anyway.
I wouldn't give you more than 3k.