94 Civic Ex Coupe Dual Exhaust

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Yes, with a Y pipe. Almost any muffler shop will form you a dual exhaust. Performance-wise, it's pointless on an I4. You lose needed backpressure for low end torque.


so ur saying that when i had my old zc hatch, with a straight pipe (no cat) and a "brospeed" exhaust....(crap)
i was loosing hp?


dont they make 2-1 headers that you can use?
and are you sure you would lose HP? my dad said dual exhaust adds HP because the exhaust gets out faster, thats the same as less back pressure right? so i dont know, ill ask my dad. hes been working on cars since he was 15, but doesn't know shit about foreign, just chevys and what not.
but do they make 2-1 headers?


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i think honda would have thought of that if it helped. the s2000 has dual but when you buy say an apexi cat back it stays with one.


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no, you need some backpressure, the ideal size is 2.25" single exhaust. do not go dual


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Even if you did see a slight gain in power, you now have to carry around all that extra weight.


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In old domestics and other huge smog machines, dual exhaust will help but honda are engineered to make as little exhaust as possible so if you go dual exhaust, all you will do is relive all back pressure (you need that going NA in a honda) and also carry around an extra 30-40 lbs, Not worth it. Also you would look :ghey: , strait out of Fast N ferrious, sound like crap, and you would be wasting a good 300 on the other exhaust pipe. DONT INVEST.

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if you plan to stay all motor then definitely stick with a single exhaust

a buddy of mine built a dual exhaust hatchback but it was fully built and turbocharged... from the turbo down pipe it was a 3" cat, to 3" piping, Y-piped down to two 2.25" pipes routing out the back of the car... it looked clean to say the least :p B)


umm no.

cars running 11s, 10s, and 9s all have a sinlge exhaust.

cars running 16s, 17s, and 18s soemtimes have dual.

see my point?