94 Del Sol to Civic Si Conversion

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I have a 94 Del Sol S with the 1.4 non VTEC that is runnin like shit. When i baby the gas it runs semi shitty but will pick up and rev up but when i give it any gas what so ever it sounds like a subaru deep rumbling like its running too rich which leads me think its the MAFS but i was wondering what anyone else had to say what the prob could be please Answer my thread thank you


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del sols dont have maf sensors
I think you just need a tune up, you seem to be misfiring if it sounds like a subaru.


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yeah, do a tune up.

also, your timing might be off. start with cleaning it up.


I changed the spark plugs and it passed emissions thanks for the pointers everyone il post a picture so you can see it at least the front end conversion is sick
eek sounds like a subi ya its runnin to rich i think But my car sounded like that when i blew the motor
i had a hole in one piston so there was no compression so it was only running on 3 cyl but im sure thats not your problem


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well it should be a 1.5 not 1.4, and did u just change plugs? what about the cap/rotor/wires? Definitely sounds like a dead miss in atleast one cylinder under load, if not more.