94 EG hatch...with rear disc brake conversion...?

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Hey guys, I just swapped a set of rear disc brakes into my hatch..But i think there off a EG coupe..The ebrake cables dont reach...My question...is how can I tell what car they came off of? They bolted right up tho. Any help would be a huge plus!!!!! Thanks!!!

Your stock ebrake cables won't reach on disk brakes. You've gotta get ebrake cables from a car that came with rear disks, such as a 92-95 Civic Si, 90-up Integra, or 99-00 Si.
Hey, Thanks guys...now this is prolly the dumbest question in the history of hondaswap but....How ezactly do I get the ebrake cables off and back on...Looks really tight up in there...someone pleaseeeee help!! And do you's think I need a bigger master clyinder?? If so...what should I swap on there? THANKS everyone!!!

i took my exhaust off and some heat shields to get my cables off and then on. im not running a different mc and i have integra brakes all around. i did add a 40/40 prop valve though which i recommend.
What intregra brakes you running up front?? They bolt right on?? Can I upgrade out of a junk yard?? What will I need??


94-01 integra, front spindle is the easiest way to go. shouldnt cost more than 150 from a junk yard and you can use abs or non abs doesnt matter just take off the abs pieces if you have them. everything bolts up fine but make sure to get them off a newer teg because you dont want shot bearings. prop valve can be had out of a non abs rs model integra or older model teg.