94 engine swap

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i just got a '94 civic ex with a turbo charged D16z6, should i keep that or switch to a B series, that would maybe turbo, if i swapped could i use the turbo off the D series and get different piping?
thanks for all feedback
what kind of power are you looking to make? whats your budget? 200 - 240 hp can be made easily on a stock d, and if you through enough money into it ive seen d's push close to 600 hp,
with some low compression pistons and some stronger rods, along with a mild port and you can easily 300 - 350 hp. personally I would stick with the d you can make more power for alot cheaper.

If you would switch to a b series and turbo it you will need a b series manifold, and have to be retuned for it.
ok, so i am on a very low budget, i need some new rods and pistons so i dont throw one lol, and i was wantin some decent horsepower.
my engine has adjustable cam gears, 16g turbo, greddy2 BOV type s,and a cat back apexi exhaust, anything else i should get for cheap?
get some scat rods, or tuner toy rods, along with some vatara pistons, acl bearings, arp rod bolts, pull your head off and get a mild port, and some arp head bolts. as far as your turbo goes do you have the big 16g or the small one. what injectors are you using? 450 dsm's? I would look into atleast 650cc with this setup, and you should be good for 300-350hp
i dont know if its the big or small turbo, it has 14 lbs of boost though, and it has bigger injectors, i dont really know what size the guy i bought it from just put them on a few days ago
16g isnt to large for a d, im running a t3/t4 turbonetic 60 trim on a y8 which is alot larger turbo, the only issue you will incounter when running a larger turbo is lag, I start spooling arround 3200 and hit full boost arround 5200. with say a t25 you will start spooling arround 1800 and hit full bost arround 3800, but with the turbo being alot smaller you will not make the hp per lb of boost.

As far as internal work goes you are going to want to match a turbo that sutable for the kind of power you want to make. The small 16g is good for about 280 hp, while the large 16g is good for about 320hp
If you are looking for a new motor I have a K20


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