94 hatchback starting problem

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Im 17, I bought a 94 hatchback from a local guy for 750$. apparently it “runs” and all it needed was a new battery. Turns out it wasn’t just the battery, my friends and I had to fix it and we’re really not that skilled with cars, we knew common sense and youtube (shoutout ChrisFix!) and 2 of our friends are in UTI and are still attending. Anyways one of the problems was the ignition fuse, it was broken and we got that fixed by replacing it, another problem was the timing belt. It is way off and I guess you can say we corrected it. Starter was one of the problems too and we replaced it from the 94 coupe I own. After that we tried to start up the car, it wanted to turn on like we were close and this was our 4th attempt of the day. We used starting fluid to help and we didn’t know where to spray it so my friend sprayed it inside the intake tube and then we took it off and then one of my dumbass friend sprayed it inside the throttle body and now everytime we started up the car it was shooting flames, we didn’t know if he was suppose to spray it inside

EH2 Shooting flames - https://www.dropbox.com/s/7zgg1915164u16q/starter fluid to throttle body.MOV?dl=0

My friend’s dad thinks that if it’s shooting flames then its probably the ignition timing so I guess so but we don’t have the gadget to time the ignition timing ...and then after that we took a break, went out to go eat and we thought that it could be the distributor wires and that the firing order is wrong so when we checked and made sure the firing order is right we started the car and it started to make this disturbing sound. So far we’ve done alot to atleast getting it to nearly start. We just don’t know what is causing that noise.

Disturbing Sound -
https://www.dropbox.com/s/bdiagpxbbxzl0qv/EH2 not starting.MOV?dl=0

we placed the firing order back to how it originally was and it still made that disturbing noise. Im honestly loosing the motivation for this hatchback because this is my 2nd car that doesn’t even run, the first car I have is the 94 coupe and it doesn’t run because the rods are broke ..

So yeah please help us out we need to get this car running before Thanksgiving so we’ll really appreciate the help and feedback thank you.

We are low budget mechanics and we’re 16-19 years old, we love cars and love builds and as a group we break parts not hearts, you can check us out on instagram if you’d like @putogarage we keep my project car updated.
if you are positive that the timing is lined up properly, next step would be a compression test. good chance the valves are bent.
You need Air - Spark - Fuel - Correct timing ... and you can literally be 2 teeth off on the timing belt and not run or if the timing belt was way off it could have jumped time and smacked the valves and engine toast... lots of variables here and this is the reason why not to buy somebody elses project lol
Actually we are way timed off so when we line it up property we will do a compression test thanks.
Yeah you’re right, I let my friends know what the responses were and my UTI friend says that we’re way off on the timing and that we will need to line that up
lol buy another d15 for like $150 and throw it in and be done, im sure that things jumped time and kissed valves etc and been revved to the moon
Yeah true I was thinking the same thing, Im going to stop by a junkyard and see what is up