94 Integra LS Header and Exhaust Question...

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Integra Guy
Basically, I'm just looking for a few opinions on types or headers and exhausts. My original thought, was to go with a DC sports 4-2-1 stainless header and a Greddy TiC exhaust. I really like the Greddy SE exhaust, but they don't make em for my vehicle. I have a 94' LS. I want the most power(of course) while keeping my vehicle legal with emissions in Pennsylvania. As for exhausts, I've even considered buying a full Tsudo exhaust off ebay, but most will tell you to stay away from ebay crap. I want to be loud, but not get stopped by cops. Any suggustions would be highly appreciated. I really don't want to spend a fortune on a header, unless its gonna make that much of a difference in power. Kamikaze headers say they are for off-road use only. But are they really? If I go with a skunk2 intake manifold, is it gonna totally screw me with emissions? I know this is all a matter of preferance, but what can I prefer if I'm new to most of this? I haven't seen many good parts on the cars around here. Most have that damn tsudo can without the tubing(whats the point?) and went with ebay crap. I'm all for saving money, but not sacificing power for it.
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If you want to be efficient here, think of your future goals with the car. You can save money and still be making steps towards your long term goal.

What are your plans with this car?
Well, right now I'm just trying to get as much power as I can out of my LS with bolt-on parts, and cams. I've thought about an LS-Vtec, but at the same time, why not just buy a gsr or a type-r motor and have less work. If I went type r, I'd go with a JRSC, a few parts and be done. GSR- I'd probably buy a greddy turbo... but for now, I just want to see whatI can get out of it without ripping the entire engine apart. All that I want, is a car that sounds mean, pulls decently hard, and looks good. Most of all, I don't want to compromise my reliability. I love my car, but before I start changing all the internals, spending an assload of cash, and it being unpredictable, I will just splurge on an RSX type-s. I am a fucking noob... obviously, but whatever. I'm just having some fun, trying to learn as much as possible. So as of right now, I'm buying a part here and there. I've got a cold air. So my next step is letting that thing breathe as much as possible. If I'm not satisfied, maybe I'll boost it. Like I said though, being new to this, I have no idea what brands kick ass. I don't want to go to the track for times or anything. All that I want is to blow through traffic on the parkway or turnpike, or at the very least, drop the jaw of that occasional asshole who sees my car, pulls next to me, then revs the fuck out of his ride and takes off. Basically, I'm just looking for some feedback from some people who have used this or that, what they liked, what difference it made, and all that happy horseshit. There's not alot(from what of seen of this site) of people talking about certain bolt-on parts and I live on this site, so don't tell me this shit can be googled. I found one thread about some headers, maybe a few on intake manifolds, but nothing about what makes them better or what more can be acheived by spending a grand on a header or an exhaust. Most talk about parts is all engine internals And if I'm not clear yet, just spout out some quality shit. Anything you can tell me... bang for your buck... and/or whatever has substancially increased power.
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Dude, if you want a car that sounds mean, and moves.. You're going to want to go LSVTEC. That LS head is pretty much useless for all motor applications without extensive work such as cams, valvesprings and retainers (required with your new cams most likely) and decent headwork ($500-$1500). My advice to you is to scoop up a GSR or B16 head and get it on there. It's really not as much work as it sounds like. Check out this post for some more detailed info:
I've actually read it... repeatedly. Yeah, I probably should... enough people rave about it.... thats gotta mean something. Thanks.