94 integra sedan b16a swap


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Hi i have jus bought a b16a vtec engine and wondering what gen it is ? Also i have a 94 integra with a zc engine in it. So far ive bought a wiring loom and harness which is from a crx sir b16a just wondering if thats the right harness also. And what else would i need for the swap ?


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I *think* on B series motors the knock sensor means it's 1999 or older, also you'll want a VTEC ecu. You should be able to leave the car alone besides the engine harness, if you can seperate that from the wires and get us a pic of that we should be able to tell if its a vtec harness or you're going to have to wire it in. You're running OBD1 and I'd probably keep it that way and get a P28 or a P72 ecu with a basemap for your specific motor.

Someone else can hopefully confirm if the B series will bolt into the ZC mounts


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That engine has a whole mess of cobwebs and rust on it like it's been sitting in that spot for years. I'd be worried about the internals of that engine before I'd worry about the wiring or even mounting it in a car.


92 sir crx EG2 is actually a del sol vtec here in the states. it's an obd1 b16a3 (equivalent). Looks like you're from Down Under, so things are likely different there,

first gen zc mounts will not work. i'm un familiar with 2nd gen ZC... those might. regular integra b18b/c mounts are fine

you'll want a p30 or chipped p28.