94 LS throttle Body

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My friend Ryan has an extra ls motor and parts sitting around and offered to give me the throttle body off the engine for nothing and i said ok but i wanted to find out if i could run it on my car and not suffer any damage or throw any cells, The throttle body will be going on a z6 head with a p32 intake manifold, I think its a 58mm to my 56 mm. So Better air flow equals more power production right.

I have this book and it has dyno results i bought a long time ago and their is a 2dr 94 civic ex with forged je pistons, milled(.03) z6 head for 10:1 compression, mildly ported, rubens cam, and a 60 mm bored z6 throttle body, full exhaust and the fricken thing is dynoed at 141hp at 6300rpm at the wheels and 120ft/lbs torque. Thats pretty good for daily driver status i think?

What do you guys think


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