94 LX F22B1 VTEC info questions

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DCMC Lizard

New Member
Just wanted to start out by saying I didn't just register and start asking questions right away. I have spent almost 2 weeks every night after work reading the different post and gathering info. I have a 94 LX and my F22B2 has finally met its maker with to many issues to fix. I bought the car for $125.oo. Didn't expect alot. I've had it 3 years now and was looking at scrapping it when I came across a wrecked 94 EX for $200. This is to explain why the F22B1. I have read enough on how to wire the vtec. How ever since I have th EX here I am saving as much of it as possible. Good body panels, trunk deck, everything electrical with all harnesses ect. I guess my questions are a follows...

1. Do I need or want the exhaust from the EX?

2. Is it worth the effort to change the rear brakes to disc?

3. Since I have the EX sitting here do I need to do anything besides the vtec wiring?

I have both engines out of the cars and in my garage. Speaking of which I am doing this at my house.( no lift) :(
I am going to replace the fuel filter, hoses, water pump, timing belt, pulleys, valve cover gasket, plugs, and wires. If I have forgotten anything please let me know.

When finished if anyone needs parts from the EX let me know. They will be cheap. The body and old engine will get me my money back in scrap metal prices alone.

For now I'm just looking at saving gas. I also have a suburban and 02 6 speed WS6!
I think I might have covered all the bases on questions and info I've seen left out in the other post I've read trying to save us all time o the back and forth. I am taking pics of the swap and don't mind posting them if any one needs the info. This is a great forum with lots of info. Props to the creator and all the Wisdom here.

DCMC Lizard

New Member
When finished any left over stuff from the EX will be for sale cheap!!!!

If anyone needs parts from it that I won't need for the swap let me know so I can pull them.