'95 Accord Brake Upgrade

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Hey guys, what are my options when it comes to new brakes for a '95 Accord? When i boost the thing i will need to upgrade my brakes i think to be able to get it registered and roadworthy.

If possible i'd like to transplant brakes from another car, as that would be the cheapest way. I dont plan on spending $2000 for a set of Brembos or anything.

cheers :)
brembos are not that expensive. $200 can take care of you.
get brembo slots
and hawk hp+ pads. you will stop just fine.
Do you have discs all the way around, or are you running a disc/drum combo?

I've got Brembo crossed drilled and slotted rotors up front (paid $180 for the pair). They do wonders for brake fade. I plan on getting some Hawk HPS's for each corner in the next month or so, I can let you know how I like the combo.
So you reckon just upgrading the rotors and pads will be enough? It is discs all round so if its just a rotor upgrade it shouldn't cost me much at all.

But i was under the impression that a whole better system (ie calipers and all) would be needed.
Well, of course upgrading the whole system would be the best. But if you don't have the cash for that, I'd say get some slotted Brembo rotors ($250 for 4 maybe?) and a set of Hawk HPS pads ($95 shipped) and you'll have yourself a pretty good setup. If you can afford it, upgraded calipers, stainless steel brake lines and DOT4 fluid.