95 Civic Dx -> 92-00 Sir Ii

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im sure id find much more info if i searched but im sorta lazy, ok the car is a nice 93dx, i would like to take the shit engine in it and beat it with my penis, when im done i would liek to put a B16A2 in, hydro tranny mind you, and at the same time convert from gay-o-matic to manual. i jus need some details in the swap and why it would be so hard with the hydro trans. and btw, should i get the normal bolt-ons now and and put them on the gay D engine or wait untill the SiRII arrives then put them on?

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Originally posted by lostdesigns@Mar 1 2003, 02:12 AM
im sure id find much more info if i searched but im sorta lazy...

What a coincedence,so are we...do a search.
Gentlemen, Last week I completed an auto to manual swap in a 93 civic ex using a 95 ls b18b and tranny. The bigest pain in the ass with this swap is the tranny mount. The frame mount on the 93 to 95 auto car is raked up aprox. 30 degrees while the manual car mount is raked down and is moved forward up the frame rail aprox .75 inches. The auto mount can be modified (beat the shit out of it!) you will still need to make spacers (aprox 1.5 inches with the ls tranny.) Still with me? You will need to make a plate for the huge hole around the auto shifter. The two large wires in the main shift selecter plug (blk/white and Blk/red will have to be jumped unless you want to wire in a neutural safety switch. Finaly, after swaping the peddle assy. (make sure to put the top bolts back in- the clutch ped. will fold!) take the safty interlock switch which is bolted where the clutch master goes and put it in your box. Surpisingly, after 14 hours mine runs and drives like a factory built car! e-mail me if you need more details.
Or buy the mount to go manual on an auto from placeracing (~$150)
i did the auto to manual swap on my 89 civic and since i had a cable tranny it made it so much easier than hydro...a good part about it was that you have to drill holes for your shift linkage therefore you can choose how close the shifter is to you