95 integra dc2 partout

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Location SOCAL

Well i wrecked my baby last night while rushing my daughter to the hospital, hit a patch of ice and lost it. Everything must go. and i will not be lowballed on price. i will make a price list later today maybe but for now hit me up with the parts u are interested in and i will give u a price. i will ship the smaller shipable things. it is a b18a1 and will be freshly rebuilt this week with new bearings crank and re-ringed. Interior is all black. i will get more pics.










how about the dash? i can't really tell the condition from the pic. are you willing to sell that off?
Where in SoCal do you live?
Price for front/rear seats?
IDK how I'm just noticing this thread but would you be willing to sell all the parts necessary for an auto to manual swap(minus the tranny if you want to sell it with the motor)?

Plus I need a few odds and ends. The screw that holds the driver side handle surround on(surprisingly hard to find a screw that will work), the driver side black molding piece that covers up the mirror screws(assuming the clips aren't broken like mine, the climate control panel if it's in good shape, etc. I'm sure there is more. I'll ask more if I remember. LMK.
What antenna is that and how much for the side markers?
interior and tranny pieces

Where are you in socal? Im by oceanside.
im looking for a parts car to get stuff for a auto to 5 speed conversion. get at me@
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