IL 95 Integra SE, CHEAP

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$1800 obo

Forest Green exterior
Good condition Tan leather interior
157k on it
Heat and A/C Work
Has additional anti-theft (to be revealed to next owner)

It runs and drives fantastic, leaks/burns no oil or trans fluid, DOES leak a spec of coolant from the radiator.

Fresh sparkplugs, wires, oilchange, engine flush, and more.

needs some easy assorted visual TLC, Interior is in pretty good shape over-all, I just replaced the driver side seat with one in much better condition, no cracks/bends/breaks in any of the interior plastics.



Price is cheap because I'm Keeping the fat-fives, it will come with steelies.

Located in Warrenville IL, 60555

$1800 obo

I've been driving it the past few days, and love the car, but enjoy the audio in my civic, as well as that its stick more than I enjoy the perks of the integra.


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Wow that's cheap. At least I think it is *shrugs* good luck with the sale :thumbsup: