'95 Katana sportbike .oO ?trade?

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i want to trade my '95 Katana 600 for something with 4 wheels. doesnt have to be fancy just reliable,,civic ,crx,whatever...summer is here and its a perfect time for riding but ive been without 4 wheels for 10 months now and im tryin to pick up surfing again..

i have pics and will send them, just email me at bpmorning@yahoo.com if your serious..

rebuilt engine/
i believe it was also bored alil' cause this basterd hauls ass/
yellow chrome corvette paint/
V&H header and exhaust/
160 dunlop 208 rear tire *needs a fresh one*/
rear fender eliminater/
flush mount signals/
custom tail light/
and i always forget something... Cheers


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Originally posted by allbottledup@Jul 7 2005, 06:47 PM
still got the trade in NJ if you want LOL
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lol* yea i remember,,kool hows it goin'? ill see how it goes localy at the molment, ,cheers for the reply