95 Prelude SI--parts

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Hey every1, i'm new here, browsing the web and seen this place. Anyways, i'm parting out my 95 SI. I'm not sure how transactions are done for non local deals, but i'm guessing ebay would be safest. Anyways, i'm in NJ, next to nyc for any local.

I have a

skunk2 cat back exhaust, low mileage
aem tru-power pulley kit(brand new in box, never installed)
carbon fiber strut bars(carbon fiber look)
Z3 fenders(brand new, need to be sanded, primed, and painted)
17" Falken rims (gunmetal)

and pretty much the whole car. H23 engine, manual tranny, grey seats(non leather) in good condition, recent distributor, brake calipers, alternator, starter...airbags, sunroof, euro lights, dashboard, heater...hit me up, i got tons of parts. Getting rid of the shell real soon, so let me know if there is anything in specific.

local 201-993-6737



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how much for the AEM pully kit. + pics?
as well as the seats.
and the falken rims. Them things looking sexy.