95Accord f22b in a 96Civic?

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Ive been searchin the web for this answer for a couple days.. i wrecked my 95 honda accord ex. its totalled, the frame is done. lesson learnd dont drink and drive. but now im lookin at a 96 civic with a hole in the engine, my old accord had a 2.2L Vtec Sohc, im guessing a f22b but im not sure with the models of the engines.. im not an expert my moms bf knows someone who could swap the engines, he says he thinks it wouldnt fit but i havent looked inside the civic's hood yet. i really liked my accord and itd be nice to get another honda for under 1000, so what im asking is Will this engine(95 accord 2.2L vtec) fit in a 96 civic(has a 1.6 non-vtec i was told)?

The civic is gonna cost me 300 and to swap motors would be 200+. i think its well worth it.
Any help would be much appricated.


Supra & Civic-T Owner
well the f series and the h serie are fairly comparable so even if you do get a chasis and you already have a motor the mounts alone are going to cost upwards of 250 for the convertion then the axles amother say 200 at least then the nicles and diming begins like shifter linkage and the fabrication stuff like cutting fllorboards and beating in the engine compartment to make things fit its kind of a difcult swap for an h22 let alone the far less rewarding f22 sohc i supose it can be done but is it worth it ps i dont even know about the wiring and what not it may be different from the h22