96-98 To 99-00 A/c Controls Swap Questions

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Junior Member
I really like the a/c controls and dash setup on the 99-00 models and want to swap out my 96-98 controls and all for the 99-00 stuff...what all is needed or can I just do it plug and play??

like is there any splicing or what not?? anyone know of a site with pictures of someone having done this?? I've heard of it done but still can't actually find anyone that's done it...

well anybody that has a 99-00 will know how the setup is if they installed a cd player... the big problem i thought of was if the climate control was electronic or cable driven... i know in my 98 it's cable... i havn't been in a 2000 in a long time but i thought the fan was controlled by a knob that you turned, if so then there's no way that's the same, might take a little bit of work for it.... i wouldn't say it'd be worth the time./