96 civic b18c misfire

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hey guys I have a 96 civic hatch with a b18c. it is an obd1 conversion with a p72 ecu that is stock. The problem i am having is when the operating temp. is cold the motor runs fantastic but once it gets up to normal operating temp. i start to get a misfire around 3,000 rpm that last until over 5,000 rpm. it is intermittent and really seems to happen only when cruising and sometimes when pulling away from a stop. the wierd thing is it seems to only happen when the weather is cold the warmer the day the less it does it. I am getting about 19mpg which i thought was a little crappy but not bad i guess. i have replaced fuel filter dizzy cap and rotor, O2 sensor, plugs wires. it didn't have an IAT sensor but i replaced that. Any ideas out there?
also it is not throwing any codes at all except for and ELD code but that doesn't matter apparently because my car doesn't have an ELD
also it is not throwing any codes at all except for and ELD code but that doesn't matter apparently because my car doesn't have an ELD
hi man :d...

im ur man :p...:cool:

i have EXACTLY the same problem on my Civic..

its got a B20v .... anyway its the same problem only that the misfire happens between 4k and 5k ! on cold weather more than warm and intermittent JUST AS URS ...

and u know what, i didn't fix it yet.. but it i think that it has something to do with the Distributor, i mean the TDC, CKP senosors, i have concluded that by watching the "rev meter" its like fluctuating a bit and not so smooth, i mean it doesn't show smoothly the revs, and u must know that the revmeter is operated by the CKP ! !!

1 year ago i unscrew the distributor and i started to check the acceleration and i notticed that the rev meter was like fluctuating ! ! ... so im pretty sure its that !

i didn't fix the problem still ..... but im going to check the inside of the distributor for theses Sensors... maybe its dirty or oily or something... still u can't help coz the only thing u can do is replace the whole Distributor !!

anyway.... i'll keep u posted if i discover the problem ok ? and u do so ..

good luck man ...
hi man !

finally i resolved the problem !

all i did was disassemble and reassemble all the Distributor

before i fix it the car was horrible ! misfire was everywhere, any rev any throttle, day or night !

so i open the distributor, remove the rotor, coil & igniter and then i READJUSTE the space between the CKP Rotor and its sensor, also clean all the other Sensors, TDC and CYP, reassemble everything ! and the car is running perfectly fine !

u should focus on ur Igniter, also when u have misfire on a honda concentrate on the REVMETER, if its FLUTUATING sometimes than IT HAS something to do with ur DISTRIBUTOR

good luck !