96 Civic Dx Hb

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Junior Member
whats the easiest rear disk brake conversion for a 96 civic dx hb or should i just look into a kit (they're like $700-800 Can)?? i was thinking either a gsr or sir would do the trick...


Senior Member
Both of those will work, and obviously the newer the better. Just make sure you have everything and you should be OK. I was quoted 300 dollars for rear trailing arms, discs, rotors, lines, ebrake cable, everything from an online junkyard.


Super Moderator
ya, i used the rear trailing arms from an eg. paid $170(i think) for the whole swap. check http://www.rcrewracing.com they should be able to get them for you. i got the rear trailing arm, calipers, semi-used pads, rotors, and ebrake cables, it all comes as one peice, very easy to do.