96 civic DX turbo( home made)

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i would say you better off taking your chances buying an ebay turbo befor try to put that on your car, or just save you up a few grand and guy you a good nice setup that way your only doin it once and right the first time.


It looks like the guy cleaned his garage, through all the crap in a box, and then put it up for sale as a turbo kit.


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Dare I ask how much you paid for all that junk? Not like it really matters though you got ripped off even if the guy gave all that stuff to you.


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I suggest to donate all of that junk to the Salvation Army and just purchase a 75 shot Zex kit....
Its a lot more save and faster to install....


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Did you seriously pay for that? You could get that sidemount intercooler from an Eclipse in a junkyard.


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hang on 1 sec.... ahhhh... go look in the toilet bowl and tell me your parts dont look like that! Dude I would serouosly sell them on ebay and get corect 1;s


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So the guy made a mistake... come on we arent here to flame and make fun, we are here to help him make better choices for next time and get him on the right track. But yes, sadly you probably got taken by some asshole... what good people we have in this world. Anyways, try and sell what you can, I would save up for a kit.. imo.