96' Civic LX - What do I need to do to go to V-Tec?

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Hey everyone;First time post, first Honda.I have a 1996 Honda Civic LX auto 4-door (non-V-tec of course) and wanted to know what I had to do to swap a V-Tec engine into it. What wiring, ECM, Sensors, cooling, trans, mounts, accessories and so on do I need to change and buy? Is there a guide out there?The engine would be from another 96-00 Civic. Is there a better engine option that is still cheap and easy? Other V-Tec engines??? I know I need to keep it to 96+ for legal/smog reasons.Reason for swapping engines, the 210k engine is burning oil bad (1qt a week,) I would rather just swap engines for a lower mile one.As for working on cars, engine swaps are no stranger to me, I just hate wiring is all... The easier the better when it comes to wiring.Thanks everyone.


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It all depends on what kind of motor you want. The easiest/cheapest swap you could do is another single cam D-series swap like a D16Z6 or a D16Y8, or you could go for the dual over head cam LS swap or GSR. You will have to decide which motor you want, which does not have to be from a 96-00, or even a civic for that matter. Then you will need the wiring harness for it unless it is an OBDII like your car is. There actually is a honda motor swap guide book that they sell at Autozone. It might be able to help you with the wiring problem.


The D16Y8 would be a fairly straight forward swap. You just need to run two wires to your ecu. A wire from your oil pressure sensor and a wire from your vtech solenoid, and ground the ground.