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Ok, i have my caravan that i no longer have a use for. I have my hatch in the midst of a RHD swap, and then paint, then engine/turbo... so its gona be down for a while. Im a pizza guy and do not want to drive my van. I would realy love to get another hatch as a daily driver.

The van has the 3.0, 3spd auto (i belive) longer wheel base, power windows, locks, cold AC, etc. It has a couple dents here and there, but overall good shape.
127k on it, and runs strong. The 3.0's are good engines, ive personaly seen atleast 4 of them with over 250k, one with 370k. its all about maitnence, and i keep my vehicles well maintained. This van has new brakes, transmission service, wheel cylinders, strut mount, sway bar bushings and sway bar links (common problems). Also, all recals have been completed. The van also has a class 3 reese hitch installed.

This van is worth more than a stock civic, but im willing to take my loss's on this to get somtehing smaller and more manouverable. Im realy looking for an eg hatch, or 94+ teg (coupe) but will consider an ej coupe. Dont care what model, cx vx dx, but perfer an SI (Sunroof dawg, Sunroof) Let me know what you have.

I could sell this van for 3200, then look for another civic, but that takes more time and effort than i want. im lazy, what else can i say?

Im hoping someone out there is looking to get rid of their civic for a family vehicle.

Like i said, id perfer a stocker, but definatly open to modded cars. I just figure a stock car would be easier to give up.