96 Ex Need New Engine!

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I just got a 96 civic ex for $200 off a friend. It need some rear body work and the engine knocks. So i wanna know what engine is best and won't be 2 hard 2 swap? Also if anyone knows a good shop 2 get the new one in PA let me know. thanks
you already have VTEC so any OBD-2 B series will be "easy"

www.hmotorsonline.com is a great source for engines

what do you want out of the car and what do you plan to use it for.... this will effect the answer for the "best" engine
Well since it a my second car and idon't need it i wanna try to put the most powerful engine i can afford within reason. I also wanna be able to drive it as an everyday car when it is done. My friend that i got it from has an 5gen hatchback with a gsr engine. Wasn't sure if i should get a gsr or and si engine or somethin tottaly different. thanks for your speedy replie last time too.

P.S. What is the difference between long block and short?
What is an lsd tranny and is it worth getting? thanks again
the GSR is a great engine another option would be the ITR engine

"long block" is the block and head sometimes all of the manifolds
"short block" is just the block

you want to get a "complete swap"

an LSD is a limited slip diferential yes you want it if you can get it