96 Gsr Seats In 95 Rs

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i just got front and rear 96 (97? not sure) gsr leather seats from my uncle, would both from and rear bolt up in my 95 rs? :blink:

if you have his rails too it should work, i can't see a reason why it wouldn't, i mean it's the same body and all.... hell if i had them fit in a crx with minor mods then you'll be fine.
fast reply.

yea i have the rails and stuff, so i guess i should be fine huh?

now i gotta find out how to remove 'em, any pointers/sites?
12mm wrench if i remember right, its about as easy as working with a car gets, once you start you will see.
The 95 and 96 are not the same body style.

Similar yes, but not the same.
96 is when they went OBD2 and did a few revisions.

I'd suspect the front should fit no problem at all (as pretty much every seat in every car has the same size, so you can swap in and out aftermarket seats.)

But the rears I'm not so sure about, do it and post to tell us if it works.
the rear seats are my biggest worry, my uncle mentioned how the rear seats might not fit, but since the 94-97 were the same, i figured it would of worked. oh well, i just dont wanna be stuck with leather in the front, and cloth in the back, thats gay.

i guess i'll find out once it gets nice out. <_<

thanks for the replies.