96 J-spec D15b Vtec-e Into 90 Civic Hb Si

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i was wondering if anyones ever heard of a 1996 D15B VTEC-E J-SPEC. I bought it to swap into my 1990 honda civic hb si as a rare combination. Do you think that would be a good idea or not???? i bought the engine for $600 dollars....PLEASE GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK
First dont mess with the color and all that, it is just annoying, hard to read, ....

Second, that engine is obd2, your car is obd0 another big jump.

Third, why, that engine has 90 hp and your car has 108. The VTECe is no way a performance engine, it is a econimic, anti-Gas-guzzling, 50 mpg engine. The reason why that is a "diffrent" swap is because, a). your down grading engines, B ), the engine itself is nothing to marvel about because it does not even make 3x didgets of hp. Put in a zc or a b16aSiRI in there and be done with it.
probly would have been a better idea to ask for advice before buying the engine

the VTEC-E is compleatly setup for fuel Economy, not performance... not to mention its OBD-2 and thats gunna be a bitch to make work in an OBD-0 car... you should be ably to use your tranny with it (you cant use the hydro tranny that comes with the engine)

honestly for the amount of $$$ that it will cost to make that engine work with your car you could just get a B16A SiR1 and be far happier.... sell it if you can

****** ^^^^^yeah what he said :)
The vtec-E is a waste of time 90 amazing hp.I've never seen the d15b that people have been talking about but from what I've read there isn't much point in it either at least nothing that justifies buying it over a B just to be "different".