96 Prelude H22A ECU Problems

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Hey there, I have a 1993 Honda Prelude Si with a 1996 H22A motor in it. I bought the car not to long ago and bought for a good price knowing it might need some work. My problem is, I found it has a P14 ECU Running the car however the vtec and oil pressure sensor are indeed connected to the harness. My problem is, the car ran great with the P14 Only it had no vtec. I bought a programmed ECU specifically for my engine from phearable.net. When I plug it in, the car idles weird and shakes and kind of makes a hissing sound such as the air intake. I also believe i could smell something under the hood.. Any ideas as to what I can do to get this thing running well? Thanks

Well I did talk to them and the ECU was tested on an H22A. It is a p28 reprogrammed to be used with a prelude. Just wondering if the previous owner did something to the car to make it run better of the non vtec ecu or what.


Staff member
the map probably just isn't perfect.

you need to tune your car yourself. some guy can get you a chip to work as a base map, but thats about it. it will NEVER be perfect, unless its a freak chance.
Im trying to figure out whyt the car runs so well with the P14 ECU. Is it normal for an h22a to run good off a h23 ecu? The onlydownside is the VTEC doesnt work due to the ecu not being equipeed for vtec.