96 Prelude Si 5-speed conversion...?

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Modding my ride from Iraq
I've got a '96 Prelude Si with the H23 and a 4-speed automatic. I've got only about 80,000 miles on the original motor because I've been working on and driving my EG Civic since I got the 'lude. I want to convert the Prelude to a 5-speed. It can obviously be done, but I know nothing about the H23 or about the Prelude at all for that matter. What I need to know is if the H22 or the H23 tranny is better and if the H22 tranny would even work. If not, that's more than okay. Now the issue is trying to figure out where to find an H23 5-speed tranny. Please don't tell me to go to the junkyard either. I know this is an option, but I'm looking for a credible place to possibly order the H23 5-speed from. Any and all advice would be great. Thanks for your time!


Brutal Moderator
Any H22, H23, or F22 transmission (aside from the S2000 gearboxes) should work just fine...


Modding my ride from Iraq
Thanks for that info guys. Do you guys know where I can get my hands on either an H22 or H23 5-speed tranny?