96 Prelude

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king cobra

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dang screwed up the title. it's a h23 to h22 swap

dang screwed up the title. it's a h23 to h22 swapwhat h22 should i get? what am i going to need to make the swap? is ebay a good place for buying an engine??


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You won't need a whole lot to do the swap. You could buy a JDM h22 and ecu on ebay, I did. Just keep in mind that you don't want to get screwed, pay attention to the little details. Your wiring harness should be perfect. You might have to run a few wires for VTEC, but it's not that bad. Your tranny would work fine too. Another option would be to ask about a head swap on here. I don't know much about them, but I've heard it works well. I paid $911 for my H22 on ebay, and 165 for the ecu. With shipping, those two cost me about $1450 to my door. That was a decent deal......Good luck


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NM NM I posted wrong thing. Yeah it shouldn't be hard to do the swap.


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Easy swap, plus you should be able to get about $700-$1000 for your old H23A1 and P14ECU, assuming everything is in good shape.

This means less $$$ out of pocket, which is always a good thing.