97 accord has vtec swap F22b1 need lots help

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j wood

New Member
car is dx none vtec bought it as it is ?? no spark . external coil and distibutor no crank sensor in it looks like stock ecu were to start.? if i get the vtec dist with crank sensor in it how to wire it up ?with coil and sensor and will it work with none vetec ecu for now im fine with vtec not working just need spark to see if its worth doing it write and geting vetec ecu trany may be dead lol sorry i bought a bucket thanks for any help motor in the car is a F22B1 sorry i spell bad
cranks sensor location on F22b1 ?

vtec f22b1 crank sensor location . i dont see in timming belt location
Are you saying the distributor you have installed doesn't have the crank sensor? The vtec and non-vtec distributors are totally different.
dist part number is DST17430 -->world power systems brand -- .i did test powers there at dist and ecu and coil all good . so i went to find crank sensor to test thats. cant find crank sensor .thanks for any help BLOCK number is F22b1 . hope its the head that goes with the block
hope its the head that goes with the block

Have you taken the valve cover off to make sure it is vtec? I would imagine there is a vtec solenoid if it is a vtec head? If it isn't a vtec head then I'd think that the distributor you are using isn't going to work. The vtec and non vtec f22bs have a different firing order I'm pretty sure.
yes it has the vtec solenoid.- if i get the vtec dist can this be wired up with out paying for a harnes?
I'm not sure about the wiring in these accords. The pins can easily be swapped around if needed though. I'm sure there is a write up somewhere on exactly how this engine should be swapped and what parts and modifcations are needed.