97 auto ECU problem.

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Warrior 3000

New Member
ok so this guy is about to sell me his 97 civic to me. it was an auto 97 AUTO civic CHANGED to a 5 speed. the auto ECU was still left in the car. the car ECU gives out a cheack eninge light and some other bad codes that doesnt let the car pass inspection. the guy BOUGHT the right computer for the 5 speed tranny but is NOT installed. he did not install it because when he plugs it into the tranny it gets rid of the check engine light but gives out other bad codes cause the WIRES are still for the old auto ECU. he said it needs different types of wires and such. how much will this cost me at a shop?
Why don't you plug in the manual ecu and find out what the codes are? It's pretty hard for me or anyone else to tell you how much something is going to cost when we don't know whats wrong with the car. Besides, a majority of us are do-it-yourself-ers, not take it to the shop people.