97 Civic Ex Swap Help..

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hey everyone im new to these boards, i have a question about my 97 honda civic ex.
if you want pics of my car here they are


i have a 97 civic ex and the engine now is a sohc piece of crap, i want alot bigger

i've decided after reading other posts that i want a h22 prelude engine swap but im wondering if i would have to get ride of my a/c or how much trouble it would be to install, or how much would someone do it professionaly. also i should mention that my car is a auto as of now but should i wait to get an h22 engine to convert or convert to 5spd first or does the angine come with tranny

hope i made sense, thx
You would have to get mounts to bolt in am h22 engine into your car, from hasport.com or hcpengineering.com , professionally installed should be anywhere from $400-800 installed if a mechanic is that good priced, and you would have to install a pedal assembly for 5spd application, also I have a H22a package for sale, ECU (OBD1) Tranny, shifter and linkage and engine with only 30k miles on it for only $2200.00 plus shipping, hope this helps,
automatic with stickers

ohh boy.

dropping an h22 in there along with a 5-speed conversion, you are looking at close to 5 grand. do you have that kind of money- thats the first thing you need to consider
Will i be able to keep my a/c ??

or can i re-locate it or what
Damn,I found your problem:

Exterior Mods:
*GroundDesigns2000 BlackWidowII kit including hood
*konig 17's
*Custom paint green with awesome decals
*eye lids for the headlights
*euro lights
*wingswest wing
*under ground green neon
*hyper white front lights

Performance Mods:
*High Flow catback exhaust into dual maxflow exhausts
*racing ECU
*Short ram intake
*Ractive Air Filter
*custom sparks and wires
*misc engine ress ups

Interior mods:
*dash and alot of trim painted to match exterior color.
*indiglo gauges that change colors green/blue
*6.5 inch TV and ps2
*pads for seatbelts
*4 tweaters on each side, passenger and driver
*trunk has amp rack with neon
*neon under front seats and under dash and above heads
*apc fire extinguisher

System Mods:
*Clarion Head Unit
*200x2 watt amp
*2 audiobahn 12's in bandpass box with neon
*8 tweaters
*playstation 2 wit a 6.5 inch TV

With the money spent on the body alone you could be at about 350hp.
yea, to be honest, what i would do is try to sell all of the stuff that is on your car, sell the car, take off the stickers and get yourself a manual version of that car. then drop in the h22.

and about the a/c, there is a way to relocate the a/c somewhere, but not sure if they make specific kits for it.
Why dont u just buy a turbo kit for $1500-2000 and run 9psi and that will give you just as much is if you ran a stand alone h22 , ????
yea lol, i just got the car and the previose owner did all the ground effects and lookin good stuff but i want power.

i hate the engine in now and im auto so if i get an engine swap itll be easier to do it all at once. engine swap +5sp conversion. then it wont be bad at all. hell i just might go with the b16 since its not that much less in power and hell alot easier and apparently cheaper.

what u guys think?

also later down the road im planning on adding turbo/or supercharger to the engine i get so im not gona mod my engine i got now.