97 D16Y7 swap in a 95 CIVIC??????????

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I got a 95 civic coupe with the stock D15B7 and I can get a really good deal on a D16Y7 out of a 97 civic. What is all needed to perform this besides the motor?? Do I need the ecu also??? Also any extra wiring??? Thanks for your time & help! :D


its really not worth it
youll only get another 5hp out of the new engine

you will need to replace some of the plugs on your stock harness to get everything to work
you should be able to run it off your stock ECU

i wouldnt bother


what are your goals with the car
what is your budget like
what do you plan to use it for

need a little more info before anyone can really make suggestions on what is a good choice
Just a good dependable daily driver with the option to add some bolt-ons. To make a decent runner. Looking to spend between $300 & $600 maybe alittle more.
Originally posted by chb504@Jul 15 2005, 08:00 PM
build up ur sohc with that kind of budget or maybe get a small turbo set up
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It needs a new block, I threw 2 pistons through the front and back of it. :( I was thinking maybe a D16Z6??? :unsure: